Cycling Chicks Climber Polka Dot Socks

Cycling Chicks Climber Polka Dot Socks

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Our SWEET shortie socks are now All Polka Dotted out for your climbing inspiration to get you up and over that mountain.  PLUS, they are just darn CUTE providing that Smile factor necessary to climb any hill in our Active Life!   

Available black with white polka dots or white with hot florescent pink polka dots.

1" cuff - ankle height

* Made in USA 

Sizing:        Small - Fits shoe size 4 - 6 (sock size 6-8)

                    Medium - Fits shoe size 6 - 9 (sock size 8-10)

"Ride In Style!"

  • AIR-SOLE-MESH™Core-spun COOLMAX® fabric and nylon blend for maximum breathability.
  • SOLE-SHIELD™Core-spun COOLMAX® fabric woven to the inside with nylon placed on the outside to protect the skin while wicking away moisture.
  • SMOOTH-TOE™Rosso Extra Smooth looped toe seam is incredibly durable and comfortable