Business Coaching with Debbie Drain, Founder of The Chicks Company


Starting your own business can be daunting but exciting at the same time.  I have had some incredible coaches over the years who helped me sort out my thoughts, develop strategic plans and basically just get me going in the right direction when I get stuck.  I am now in a place where I have my own business experiences that could help you start yours as well as shorten your learning curve in the entrepreneurial world.  As I progress with the growth of The Chicks Company, I am taking on a new challenge of a business coach, I am carving out time to provide assistance to others on their business path.  Looking back, I recognize how instrumental business coaching was and is to The Chicks Company's success.

I enjoy the excitement and enthusiasm that comes with a new venture for someone starting their new business.  I enjoy coaching and guiding people on their path to success.  As a business coach, I am here to listen, sort and contribute to your solution process because that is really what entrepreneurial efforts is all about ...providing a service or product that fills a need and finding the daily solutions that arise due to offering this product or service. 

Some of my strengths are in the following areas:

• Ecommerce

• Marketing

• Sourcing

• Organizational Development

• Communications

I have coached people at the beginning of their business venture as well as owner's mid stream when they get stuck and need a fresh approach.  Wherever you are on your business journey, I welcome an opportunity to chat with you for a FREE 30 minute session to confirm we are a good match to discuss business.

To schedule your FREE 30 minutes session, email me at - please put FREE 30 in the subject line