Coffee Chicks Gift Box Sets - Mug

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Coffee Chicks Company believes in Empowering Women with Every Sip.  

SIP. . . DREAM. . . DO

Our mantra is to "pay it forward".  From the sourcing of our premium coffee beans to the packing of your gift box, we continually work to involve as many women as possible. Paying, employing and empowering women is a sure fire way to positively impact our lives, our families and ultimately Our WORLD.

Give yourself a gift and give your friends a gift of a delicious cup of empowering coffee from one our Premium Blends that will inspire you to:

AWAKEN your Super Chick

Purchase a Gift Box Set, where you choose:

  • the coffee blend
  • the mug
  • the sticker 

Great gifts for your CHICKS!


Coffee Chicks Premium Blends

  • Cycling Chick - Medium Roast(Beans: Kenyan, Peruvian,Haitian)
  • Surfer Chick - Medium Roast (Beans: Haitian, Honduran, Ethiopian)
  • Yoga Chick -  Medium Roast (Beans: Ethiopian, Sumatran, Nicaraguan)
  • Skier Chick - Med/Dark Roast (Beans: Rwandan, Kenyan, Guatelmalan)
  • Runner Chicks - Dark Roast (Rwandan, Colombian, Sumatran, Honduran)


 Coffee Chicks Mugs

  • Cycling Chick - 14oz. Tall Latte Mug
  • Surfer Chick - 12oz. Java Mug
  • Yoga Chick - 13oz. Bistro Mug
  • Skier Chick - 12oz. Java Mug


Coffee Chicks Stickers

  • Cycling Chick - 3" vinyl sticker
  • Surfer Chick - 3" vinyl sticker
  • Yoga Chick - 3" vinyl sticker
  • Skier Chick - 3" vinyl sticker
  • Runner Chick - 3" vinyl sticker


Your gift box includes one 12oz. bag of Coffee Chicks Blends, one Coffee Chicks Mug and one Coffee Chicks Sticker presented in a Coffee Chicks hot pink box with hot pink nesting to cradle your gifts.