Coffee Chicks Re-brand

Coffee Chicks Re-brand

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Just like our coffee, The Chicks are growing! In order to support that growth, we cannot do it without you, our Chicks Community.

Our goal for 2020 is to create a NEW and updated look for the brand, which includes MORE Active Chicks and NEW Coffee Bags!

The Chicks begin and continue to thrive due to the fact that we have such a strong community. We believe in a circular model, where your thoughts and opinions matter! As a donator and supporter to the growth of our company, you will be published to The Chicks Community Wall and placed in the "Inner Circle" where you'll receive first notice of new and exciting items and events as well as special discounted rates!

The Chicks Company also operates in such a way where our philanthropy and passion to empower women around the world is already built into the business model. With your assistance, and our ability to grow, together we can spread this message and continue to support women coffee growers around the world, as well as the women right here in our community!

There is no minimum to how much you'd like to contribute, every bit helps. Your kindness means the world to us, and we hope to pay it forward to those who need our support, our encouragement and our message to


xo The Chicks