Coffee Chicks Sampler Box

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Coffee Chicks Sampler Box includes 5 - 2oz bags of whole bean coffee, one of each of our delicious premium blends nestled in our Chick's hot pink box.

This is a great way to discover which blends you like the most, then we hope you sign up for our convenient and flexible monthly coffee club subscription where you choose how often you would like delivery and which blends you would like to receive. Ultimately enjoying a delicious women focused  inspiring cup of morning joe!

Our Coffee Chicks Sampler Box is also a fabulous way to thank a friend or share  your new found love for Coffee Chicks Blends with them. These adorable 2oz whole bean Coffee Chicks blends come in our hot pink box, such a happy inspiring gift whether it is to yourself or to a friend.

Our current blends:

• Cycling Chick Blend - medium roast (Haitian, Kenyan, Peruvian)

• Skier Chick Blend - medium/dark roast (Rwandan, Kenyan, Guatemalan)

• Yoga Chick Blend - medium roast (Ethiopian, Sumatran, Nicaraguan)

•  Surfer Chick Blend - medium roast (Honduran, Haitian, Ethiopian)

•  Runner Chick Blend - dark roast (Rwandan, Colombian, Sumatran, Honduran)

With your purchase you are supporting women in business through The International Women's Coffee Alliance which reinvests in women coffee growers around the world, our suppliers of such delicious coffee beans.