Lil' Classic Black Short

Lil' Classic Black Short

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Design by The Chicks


We are all told to have "the little black dress" in our closets as our go to for evening events.  Well, we also need just the right "little black short" - the "Go To" for all rides.  The Chicks feel we have created JUST THAT SHORT with our Lil' Classic Black Short.  We have researched the Hec* out of what women want and these are the stats we satisfied:

  Comfortable waistband - The Chicks Yoga waist   

  Hold IT in Gently -  Gentle Compression fabric   

  Flattering Leg Length  -  8" inseam  

  Flattering Leg Cuff -  seamless soft grip fabric 

   Comfortable Chamois  -  The Chicks antibacterial Chamois   

  Some stylish flash -  The Chicks Signature bling text & reflective tags