Skier Chicks Club

Skier Chicks Club

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Skiing is Just Around the Corner, Chicks!!!!

Let's connect all the Skier Chicks around the world!!!!!

Membership in only $30 and it's a lifetime membership.

What do I get???  

              • Skier Chick decals (2) for your skis & computer

              • 12oz. bag of premium Skier Chick Blend coffee 

              • one - 30% off the Skier Chick Thermals

              • New product early release announcements

              • Skier Chick special offerings announcements

              • Value - Priceless .....

#1 - You will be joining an incredible group of active women who go out and embrace adventure in the mountains on skis (and boards too!). You will be shaping the future of women's skiing by connecting with other Skier Chicks on the hill.  MOST IMPORTANT: PUT YOUR SKIER CHICK DECAL ON YOUR SKIS, so we can find each other out there.

#2 - You will receive a bag of our delicious Skier Chick Blend coffee, supporting women growers around the world. How wonderful is that... they are supporting your active adventure with your morning cup of inspiration and YOU are supporting their business of growing the Most delicious coffee beans we buy for our blends. Connecting and Supporting eachother is a Beautiful thing! Our Coffee Chicks blends are developed by local Skier Chicks.  We believe in reinvesting in more women growers through the International Women's Coffee Alliance so we can make and offer more delicious Active Chick Coffee Blends.

#3 -  you will receive an email with your 30% off code for the Skier Chick Thermal so you can get decked out and always be a Skier Chick or give another Skier Chick a really cool gift to grow our global reach.  Our thermals are Super Sweet, you might want to stock up on colors.

#4 -  You will receive an email with new product releases and special offers prior to the public getting the scoop. 

SKIER CHICKS - this is a ONE TIME membership fee, imagine that in this world of recurring charges.  Crazy right!!  Jump on IT before we realize how crazy we are.  We just want Skier Chicks to meet and ski together on ski hills around the world, that's it!  Super Simple, we just want to have fun . . . together!

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