Buon Appetito - A New Approach - Covid 19 Pandemic #4

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My Authentic Self: May 18, 2020

Cooking with Friends Around the World: 

I received a message from my friend, Chef Stefano,  who I met on a world travel trip, oh how I miss travel. He contacted me about a new type of offering, virtual cooking classes, which were born from the state of affairs in Italy and his ingenuity to keep his lovely business going.  We began to brainstorm as to how to offer these Italian old world charm cooking classes to small groups in our Chicks Community, so we are all cooking, learning and experiencing together. The Chicks Cooking Classes Available Now

Let me provide some background here, Stefano and I became friends "in the kitchen" when I signed up with my son, Tommy for one of Chef Stefano's cooking classes to learn the secrets of a Bolognese Sauce while traveling in Bologna, Italy.  One must go to the source to learn "The Proper Techniques" and of course have so much fun while experiencing heritage cooking. Our class turned out to be the last one offered right before Italy's summer break in August. We totally lucked out by getting Chef Stefano, the owner of CIBO as our instructor, as he let his staff go on vacation early and taught us in a private session.  The three of us had so much fun, cooking, chatting and eating as we became friends forever.

Now fast forward 4 years and the world is on some level of lock down from Covid - 19.  We have discovered and learned that we can still interact, all be it differently with our friends and connections around the world thanks to technology. During this bit of readjustment and down time, I have learned that I really like to learn and experience.  In fact, when I reflect upon what "makes me happy?" IT really is learning and experiencing.  The bonus is always learning and experiencing with others, especially friends. 

As a result, Chef Stefano and I have been experimenting with virtual cooking classes from his Italian mountain village home kitchen to mine and others in our growing Chicks Community to have an experience, share some knowledge and enjoy a delicious moment together from afar... and it has been so wonderful for each one of us.  Whether it is our Chicks Cooking Classes or a virtual knitting class this is the time to expand your experiences...perhaps virtually.  Many classes, like ours can be filled with your friends and meet new friends around the world.  In one class we had participants from all USA time zones with cooks in the kitchen plus Chef Stefano in Italy.  It was so fun to hear these new voices and see these smiling faces as we all learned how to make homemade gnocchi from the hills of Italy.  Oh yes and we got a little history and geography from Chef Stefano, so so fun!

I encourage you to play new ways to heal and to stay healthy for your mind, body and soul!  It could be right out your front door or within your doors, a path is there for you and your community is here to help!!!!  If you are struggling to find it, stand in "Star Pose" firm and tall, breathe deeply three times and plant the seed... "What makes ME Happy?"  Go from there,  enjoy it!  You got this!  We WILL make it through!!  You don't have to have all the answers right now, you just need to take 1 step, then 2 steps and the path will come.  Control what you can control.

Below are a few of my steps I do when I am feeling "stuck" or just "blah" these crazy days.  Maybe these can inspire you to your path. I don't know just a thought.

  •  I am continually thankful my family is almost all together and those that are not sheltering under our direct roof are staying healthy and safe. 

   • I reach out to at least one person each day to check in spread some love, care and concern which results in a love boomerang.

   • I write some words, feelings and such down unfiltered when I am feeling a bit "wonky" - it helps and who knows maybe I will develop a new skill....writing?

  •  I listen to my man, John Mayer. It's my healing and soothing musical fix.

  •  I continue to get outside for a few minutes every day, even if I am not feelin' it.  Let Mother Nature shine down on me for a bit to infuse a bit of energy back in to my much more normally sunny disposition so I can be there for those who need me. Because there will be many times over the coming days we will need to lean on each other for sure.

Inspiration from Mother Nature!  Beautiful contemplation.. A New Path!

The Chicks Company


 One last thing, I have started to stay in touch with my "Chicks Community" as we social distance is a Zoom call Wednesday at 9am MST each week in May for 30 minutes.  We call it our "Chicks Who Chat"  This is open to all Chicks in our growing community, just sign up for our newsletter at The Chicks Company and we will send you an email with the Zoom code to join.  We don't have any major rules or agenda, we just request we keep it positive and lite and possibly tune in as you walk. It can be our virtual walk together. If you want to join or have troubles signing up through our website just reach out to info@thechickscompany.com

L'amore conquista tutto,

Love Conquers All

Deb Ryan

The Chicks Company

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