Finding a Rhythm Emotionally - Covid 19 Pandemic #2


My Authentic Self: March 29, 2020

Zooming for Balance:

So many emotional roller coaster rides have occurred for me since my previous post, which was at the low or down part of the ride.  What have I learned??? Well, I have learned that it is important to listen to and express your feelings.  Whether you write them down, say them out loud or sing them in the shower...just get them out there, then you can begin to move forward.  I also learned it is important to express these feelings of fear, anxiety or happiness when you feel them and not after you have bottled so many up inside they come out in an explosion.  Everyone is entitled to "how they feel" and and expression of that.  It is a very basic mental health function.  Lastly, I learned that as a wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend and small business owner I sometimes need to move straight to the front of the the expression line.  That way my turn to express will most likely be short and sweet. And, I will get the relief I need by expressing and be more prepared to comfort and assist those around me that I just love to help and support.

Last post I made a short list of actions I could take to keep a better Emotional Rhythm or Balance for me.  I have been doing all of these and have definitely had way less emotional swings in frequency and severity.  Yay, this is good for me and those around me.

One of the things I have started to stay in touch with my "Chicks Community" as we social distance is a Zoom call, Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 9am MST for 30 minutes.  We call it our "Chicks Who Chat"  This is open to all Chicks in our growing community, just sign up for our newsletter at The Chicks Company and we will send you an email with the Zoom code to join.  We don't have any major rules or agenda, we just request we keep it positive and lite.  And, on Fridays, for 10-15 minutes we like to bring in one of our Chicks to educate us on something new and different.  For example last Friday we learned a quick intro on Feng Shui.  So Cool,  Right?!  If you want to join or have troubles signing up through our website just reach out to


Here is the What for me right now.  I am going to continue be thankful my family is almost all together and those that are not sheltering under our direct roof are staying healthy and safe. 

   • I am going to reach out to at least one new person each day to check in spread some love, care and concern (our oldest son shared this plan with us as he is states away and we loved it)

   • I am going to write some words, feelings and such down unfiltered when I am feeling a bit "wonky" - it should help and who knows maybe I will develop a new skill....writing?

  •  I am going to listen to my man, John Mayer. It's my healing and soothing fix.

  •  I am going to continue to get outside for a few minutes every day, even if I am not feelin it.  Let Mother Nature shine down on me for a bit to infuse a bit of energy back in to my much more normally sunny disposition so I can be there for those who need me. Because there will be many times over the coming days we will need to lean on each other for sure.

A blend of Mother Nature and Human Nature!  Beautiful contemplation!


 Feeling a bit better? Yes, writing thoughts and feelings down does help.  While we are inside, explore your soul and test out a new skill. Who, knows... you may find you like to write or it may help you too.  Could be a positive life change, especially when we heal from this and you have developed a new skill - and we WILL HEAL from THIS.

Love to All,

Deb Ryan

The Chicks Company


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