The Gravity of It All, Mentally - Covid 19 Pandemic - #1

My Authentic Self: March 20, 2020

I can be and typically am one of the happiest optimistic people you would ever meet, I have been told this on many occasions. As long as I can remember, in as many difficult and disappointing situations as I can remember, I have ALWAYS been able to chose a positive perspective... you know the glass half full approach.   BUT, today I am finding myself, as many people are finding themselves waited down by the GRAVITY of this Pandemic. 

I am not a skilled writer in fact most of my good energy comes from the gift of gab but during this crazy time, I am going to try and develop a new skill because I just haven't felt like talking so much and we are all doing our part social distancing. (And I don't really like to be live on camera, unless I am doing something active like biking or skiing, so that's out..for now). 

Ok, here goes ... my disclaimer - I am not a writer and I am warning you I LOVE run on sentences, it's how my brain works.  So I am just going to put thoughts and feelings down, no corrections, no filters, just me and my mind here - working through some reasoning and hopefully healing as I write and listen to my FAV  - John Mayer (my go to groovy music guy - gotta meet him one day). Right know I am listening to his "Stop This Train" wow could be applied to now but a soothing melody as a song.  Wow, I digress.  Oh yeah, forgive my misspells too, if auto correct doesn't catch them, I bet you will get the idea anyway.  Back to the meat of the matter... Mental Health -  Professionals say that it is good for mental health to express and perhaps express in new dimensions and mediums.  No one has to read these btw but I am feeling better already.. Ha yes mental professionals got it going on.  So here goes.

I never would have thought that as a small company, who has community gatherings, aka "Skier Chicks" Friday ski that I wouldn't even really need to make a social media cancellation announcement because it would not only become painfully obvious we weren't meeting to ski but that we won't be skiing the rest of the season AND our ski hill is closed due to a global pandemic.  WHAAAAAT did I just say Global Pandemic and ALL Ski Resorts closed at once in the same sentence. Truly mind blowing!!  We still notified all our Skier Chicks, expressed our love and hopes for good health as we all began to try and absorb this uncharted unsettling path we ALL find ourselves on together. This speed of this  progression is so unsettling. 

This truly blows my mind  to go back just one week and then go back two weeks and list what you were doing in social and business. Well, maybe you are not ready to do that yet, that exercise is what got me writing this.   Yes, we saw this happening in other world locations over the last few months but eventhough I was trying to watch and stay informed, yet try not to turn into "Chicken Little The Sky is Falling".  I had to calm myself and get outside, etc as I knew it was coming here but just like a tsunami, Covid 19 is on you, your family, community and loved ones around the world before you can truly mentally contemplate what is really happening. Weighing out the risk of every decision to come into contact with others.  Kind of like that old commercial that said something like, "She will tell two friends and they will tell two friends and so on and so on."   Yikes, ok I gotta reel it in.  So we are here now, with Covid -19 all around,  now what???

Here is the What for me right now.  I am going to continue be thankful my family is almost all together and those that are not sheltering under our direct roof are staying healthy and safe. 

   • I am going to reach out to at least one new person each day to check in spread some love, care and concern (our oldest son shared this plan with us as he is states away and we loved it)

   • I am going to write some words, feelings and such down unfiltered when I am feeling a bit "wonky" - it should help and who knows maybe I will develop a new skill....writing?

  •  I am going to listen to my man, John Mayer. It's my healing and soothing fix.

  •  I am going to continue to get outside for a few minutes every day, even if I am not feelin it.  Let Mother Nature shine down on me for a bit to infuse a bit of energy back in to my much more normally sunny disposition so I can be there for those who need me. Because there will be many times over the coming days we will need to lean on eachother for sure.

My view from just one week ago, wow Mother Nature is beautiful!



Feeling a bit better? Yes, writing thoughts and feelings down does help.  While we are inside, explore your soul and test out a new skill. Who, knows... you may find you like to write or it may help you too.  Could be a positive life change, especially when we heal from this and you have developed a new skill - and we WILL HEAL from THIS.

Love to All,

Deb Ryan

The Chicks Company





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