The Funding Race is On - Finding the Funds to Continue - Covid 19 Pandemic #3



My Authentic Self: April 7, 2020

A Total Business Funding Day:

Wow, sometimes I wish I had a sports agent like in  the movie, Jerry McGuire where I could shout through the phone "Show Me The Money" and whalah it just appears so my small business can weather this Covid 19 crisis.  Part of the reason I can't just shout that via phone is because I don't have a business agent to shout it to. I don't have the extra money to pay an expert, which there really aren't any experts here just trial and error, as this government aid package on this scale is totally new, never been done before...thank goodness BTW!  Anyway, time to get my boots on and dig through the websites, files and applications in The Funding Race.  

Well, good thing I am a problem and puzzle solver which is a basic necessary quality if you are an entrepreneur.  So let the funding puzzle and race begin.  The good news is I have lot's of extra time now to investigate what exactly are the options and do I qualify for any of them.  I am available all day everyday to seek out and attend webinar information sessions like an MBA student and fill out applications and forms like I am a pro.  My hope is that some money will filter in eventually.

The upside of this process is that I am connecting and learning from some pretty amazing business owners, industry professionals and just good all American peeps who care and are so knowledgeable about so many different topics.  I find enough pearls in each webinar, I could make a necklace.  I am making business connections I will be able to resource as we climb out of this crisis. And, mostly I am learning about all the amazing incredible people in this world that work hard every day to create commerce, through products, services and science to improve our lives.  All of this, gives me the inspiration and motivation I need to get up and keep The Chicks Company going.

Thanks for listening. We are going to be ok, we just have to keep supporting each other through this crisis.

Reach out through if you need us, we are here for you.

A great place to start:  and your local state government website

Love to All,

Deb Ryan

The Chicks Company

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