Time to Surf - Great Replenishment Therapy

Hi Chicks,

You might be thinking, why in the world would The Chicks Company pause shipping orders until June 7th?  Well, here is why...we are tired, pure and simple. The supply chain challenges and global crisis has given us a reason to Pause and Revaluate everything.   

Spring is a wonderful time for rebirth in Nature and in Life (business life included).  For the last few years, I have tried to take some time in the Spring when the ski hill closes down to  "kind of" step away and enjoy the beach, letting the surf and waves fill me up.  This is a real place of zen for me!!  The reality is...We all work super hard throughout the year, especially in this last year trying to get everything solid again after Covid and yet it appears as though we have a long way to go. So finding ways to create re-energizing breaks helps create balance  and the ability to be flexible so we can better handles life's eb and flow with an open sound mind.

This year is no different.  I am truly going to step away by putting the business on pause for everyone until June 7th.  

We will be back June 7th with Big Sales, fun events and perhaps a new direction or two after our time away. If you are tuning out too, enjoy!  And, if not try to get something on your calendar, this is yet another crazy year for all of us in this world. In the meantime we will post a video or two because we will miss you. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

  Stay tuned and take a moment for yourself, you deserve it too!

surfer chick


Deb Ryan


The Chicks Company



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