Nourish Bracelet

Nourish Bracelet

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Grab YOUR sterling silver diamond cut "Nourish Bracelet" as a gentle daily reminder to listen to your inner voice and nourish your Heart • Mind • Soul everyday.

Our sterling silver "Nourish Bracelet" is a triple diamond cut bangle each bangle representing your Heart • Mind • Soul

It measures. 2.75" in diameter, 1.5mm in width and 15ga in weight.


The "Nourish Bracelet" is one of my favorite pieces, I wear it ALL the time whether I am paddle boarding, skiing, doing yoga or in a business meeting.  I wear our beautiful sterling silver "Nourish Bracelet"  as a gentle daily reminder to listen to MY inner voice and nourish my Heart • Mind • Soul throughout our busy days and lives. 

- Deb Drain, founder