Coffee Chicks Club Launches - Save 10% & Free Shipping-Right to Your Door






SIP . . . DREAM . . . DO!


*******Discounts & Perks! *********

Lovin' the Coffee Chicks Blends!  Want them delivered more often, YES!  Want to choose your monthly blends, YES?  Want a 10% discount & FREE SHIPPING, YES!!!  

Simply Subscribe to our Coffee Chicks Club and have our delicious coffee blends delivered to your door. You choose the order frequency for your morning cup of inspiration.

Coffee Chicks Club

  • 10% Discount
  • Receive news of new blends, limited edition blends and all other news worthy info first.
  • Quarterly discounts and specials to our  Cycling Chicks Boutique full of great soulful gifts, apparel and accessories for all our Super Chicks.

Not ready for a full Coffee Club commitment yet? That's perfectly fine, we understand. . . gotta "Sip It" first, then decide.

Simply purchase two of your favorite Coffee Chicks Blends with the One Time Purchase button and receive $.99 shipping.  Once you sipped our delicious blends we hope you consider our Coffee Chicks Club as you will receive all the empowering benefits and good daily vibes that support a Super Chick like you!

It's Super Easy:

You control everything from the blends you choose to ordering when you want or setting up a once a month ship OR even an every other month ship.  We believe your coffee habit is yours and you are empowered to order as needed.

Remember to allow USPS ground ship time in between your order cycle, so you don't run out. . .that could be very very bad for your Super Chick!

Join the Coffee Chicks Club -- Empowering Choices -- Happy Days!

SIP. . .DREAM. . .DO!

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