Coffee Chicks Company: the Skier Chick Blend - The Story Behind the Beans

Despite the crazy winter we are having, our Skier Chick Blend is taking the world by storm.  Her smooth rich full body aroma sets your day right and her cute picture promotes happiness and an "I can do" mindset. 

The Skier Chick Blend is our Seasonal Limited Edition roast available during the North American ski season, we encourage you to get a bag before the ski season is over until next year. Available online at our Cycling Chicks Boutiquethe place for unique gifts for active women.

Enjoy a 10% discount, use  SIP10 at checkout on your first order



For our Skier Chick Blend we chose a blend of Rwandan, Kenyan, and Guatemalan beans and roasted them to highlight the smooth aroma of the signature Rwandan bean.  This Rwandan bean has wonderful women's story in that the farms are owned by women financed through micro loans at the Abakundakawa Cooperative.  These farmers work extremely hard pouring their love and attention to environmental details to grow and  produce an incredibly rich coffee bean.  To round out the smooth full body aroma we just had to pair this Rwandan bean with the Kenyan AA, highest bean rating, and the Guatemalan Antiguan to create the deliciously smooth Skier Chick.

The next link in this beautiful women's bean story is that once we find our bean blend, we roast 2 variations and offer a blind taste test so the women in our community can choose the final blend. We announce these tasting events through our Cycling Chicks Boutique NewletterFacebook and Instagram.  Typically we host them in Park City, Utah and are open to all women living or visiting Park City to attend.  Make sure you sign up to our newsletter and social media accounts including our Cycling Chicks FB and Cycling_Chicks Instagram so you are in the know for our next event.

We are working on our next blend to launch this Spring when the Skier Chick hangs up her skis AND we are working on holding more blind tastings involving more cities, more states, more women to choose the new Coffee Chicks Company Blend.  Stay tuned, don't miss out, sign up! 

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