Cycling Chicks Arm Warmer & Gloves Combo - a 40% savings

Hi Ladies,

Whether you are heading into Fall, southern hemi friends, or heading into Spring, northern hemi friends, we could all use a well designed pair of arm warmers that speaks to our tribe. . .the Cycling Chicks, oh yes and a fantastic pair of gloves would be fab too!  We have just what you are looking for at a Lovely Savings of 40% off - our Cycling Chicks Combo - a pair of our sleek light weight arm warmers and our finger-less gloves.  Now, let's say you don't need both of these BUT would like one of these items. . .well, we have discounted each of these items 20% off if you buy them separately.  Everybody wins, that's what we like!

So here is our behinds the scenes design story.  Women have shared with us they "just love the chick!"  and how it makes them smile, so we felt it was important to have the little "chick tattoo" on the inside of each wrist for everyone's personal inspiration on those long pedals - knowing there are many women just like them taking it one pedal stroke at a time to accomplish their goal, finish that ride, stay active with their friends and so on - you know what we mean.  cycling chicks arm warmers

 The Cycling Chicks text is on the outside of each arm to encourage other women to continue to keep pedaling and join our community of Cycling Chicks inspiring each other around the world to be active together. . .In Style.

Why wear arm warmers you might say? Well, we women run hot then cold then hot then cold, well at least I do.  So, I like a light weight stretchy, soft fleece lined arm warmer with a gentle but effective gripper on the upper arm so it won't slide down yet won't squeeze off my blood flow to stay up.  Well my friends these Cycling Chicks arm warmers are perfect.  Lycra + light fleece lining equals a beautiful Roubaix fabric with a terrificly smooth gentle gripper on the upper arm. These warmers can fold up nicely in your back pocket or I find that I just cinch them down when I am warm or are climbing and then pull them up for the downhill - my fav!

"Celebrate The Ride!"

Our gloves are designed for comfort and performance.  There is a cute chick on each hand for inspiration and perfectly placed gripper strips on the pads so you don't have any handlebar "slips".  The padding is light, just enough to keep your palms from aching. I have smaller shorter fingers (my hand measures size 7") so I run with a small.  These gloves look fantastic after each washing too.  You will want more then one pair they are so comfy and cute.  Take advantage of this deal while supplies last.  For more details and shopping click below.

 Thanks for reading.  We hope you are out there being active together!





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