Our Newest Chick Coffee Blend . . . the Runner Chick

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Hi All,
We just had our community blind coffee tasting to determine the final blend for our newest Coffee Chick Blend - the Runner Chick.  Yesterday we brewed up two sample blends and asked the women in the Park City, Utah area to taste the samples and vote for their favorite sample blend.  The coffee sample with the most votes became our newest coffee blend . . .  the Runner Chick.  


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Our tasting events are fun for us as our goal is to involve women in as steps as possible in our products life cycle, from sourcing to design to sales to consumption and finally to philanthropy.  We love your feedback so we can create products that inspire women to be active together building community as well as be products women want to endorse.   Coffee Shop
At our events, we partner with wonderful businesses that compliment our brands of chicks and product lines.  Yesterday, our host was Athletic Republic, an international performance sports training center with specialized programs for just about every sport under the sun.  Athletic Republic offers a running assessment and training protocol to advance your running goals and prevent injury.  One of our raffle prizes was a 3 punch fitness pass to give their facility a test.  Athletic Republic has locations all over the world.
athletic republic
We also brought along some of our Cycling Chicks brand cycling apparel and accessories pictured in the background of the picture above, so the women can see what's new for the 2018 cycling season.  Bright highly visible and stylish designs to be seen while you are riding on the busy roads.  SHOP
cycling chicks apparel
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More big news to come!
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