Pre-Order Cycling Chicks Polka Dot Jersey - $99(reg. $125 )

Cycling Chicks 2019 Polka Dot Jersey

Chosen by our Community of Active Chicks

Pre-Order Price $99

Order January 15 - 25

* jersey retail $125

2019 Cycling Chicks Polka Dot Socks

Pre-order price $9.99 

*socks retail $14.99
Reasons to Pre-Order
• A discounted price of $99 ($125 jersey retail) & $9.99 ($14.99 socks retail)
• Get the size and color you want (our online store will carry a small offering)
• Free Shipping
• Free Returns and Exchange
Our community of Cycling Chicks inspired us to design a jersey that encourages all of us to conquer the climbs in our lives.  Our community chose our final designs and we are so proud and excited to offer them to you at a discounted price through our pre-order program.
Go to The Chicks Company to see more details regarding sizing and jersey fabric, extra zip pocket and such.
Once ordered our Italian factory will get busy and our beautiful jerseys and socks should arrive approximately end of March, ready for Spring spinning.
Thank you all Cycling Chicks for ALL your input and inspirations.  Our 2019 designs are sweet and there is much more to come.  We will keep you posted on all offerings.
"Celebrate the Ride!"
The Chicks


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