Wild Daisy Shorts

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In honor of our quest to climb those mountains this summer our Wild Daisy collection is arriving.  We like to take pictures of our models outside to show off the new collection but a strong powder season and a couple late storms has delayed our photo shoots.  So, in the meantime we have our early sketches until we can shoot more professional pictures as our communities get back after Covid-19.

The fit is true to size.  We are keeping you as comfortable as possible on a climb quest with our women specific antibacterial chamoix (pad). Our yoga waistband holds your tummy in but doesn't squeeze.  And our leg bands have a gentle silicon grip to keep them in place during your hard efforts.

• Technical compression fabrics

• Italian fabrics and design 

• Yoga waistband 

• High performance chamois

• Anitbacterial women fit chamois

• Grippoli leg band 

• 9" In Seam

• Matches with All our Polka Dot Jerseys

Size Chart

Inches      XS        S          M           L        XL

Waist      24-27   26-29   28-31   30-34    33-37

Chest     30-33   33-35   35-37   37-40    40-42