Summer Lite Baselayer - Wild Daisy

Summer Lite Baselayer - Wild Daisy

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Introducing our Base Layer Beauties Collection.

The purpose of a base layer is to wick moisture away from the body and help with body temperature regulation comfortably as well as provide a bit of compression.

Our new Cycling Chicks Summer Lite base layer is soooooo extremely soft you won't even remember you put it on before your ride.  It is meant to be the "cycling underwear" next to your skin keeping you cool, tight and alright during your rides.

We utilize a high tech synthetic fabric with dimples for moisture wick and aeration.

Fabric: 95% Polyester / 5% Elastene

Sizing: XS - XL

Sizing Chart:

 Size:          XS               S                  M                 L                   XL

Chest:         32               34                36                38                  41

Hips:           32              34                 35                37                  40