The Cycling Chick Blend

The Cycling Chick Blend

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Coffee Chicks beans arrive from the backside of Mount Kilimanjaro in Kenya, the island of Haiti and the Peruvian hilltops. We attentively manage this small batch roast to create the Velvety Smooth flavor of the Cycling Chick Blend. A delightful Medium  Roast Blend of Kenyan, Haitian and Peruvian beans. 

Our Mission:    

Empower Women with Every SIP

We specifically source these organic coffee beans to create our Cycling Chick Blend due to the fact that these growers empower women through employment, education and ownership opportunities as well as continue to improve their environmentally conscious growing and harvesting practices. Coffee Chicks deliciously smooth blends are the result of high quality, high grade unique selection organic beans roasted with an artisanal touch.

Cycling Chick Blend         

Medium Roast

Elevation: 4100' - 5800'

Region: Haiti, Kenya, Peru

Farm/Co-op: Multiple

Tasting Notes:  Body is rich, complexity is bright and acidity is low.  A velvety clean finish with excellent balance from these AA grade beans. This is one smooth cup of coffee.

Feel Confident - As you SIP or GIFT this Cycling Chick Blend you are helping to empower women around the world with your purchase. 

SIP. . .DREAM. . .DO       

Cool Bean Story:  Have you ever considered climbing Mount Kilimanjaro? Well maybe after drinking our Cycling Chick Blend your Mountain Climbing Super Chick will feel the calling.  One of the beans in this blend is a Kenyan bean with a AA rating, which translates into one of the world's best coffee beans.  In order to achieve this top rating, the bean must be grown at elevations higher than 1700 meters(6,600 feet). The high growing altitudes means that the beans grow slower than at low altitudes, providing more nutrients and allowing them more time to develop their rich flavors and mature. So with Mount Kilimanjaro off in the distance topping out at 5895 meters(19,341 feet) the backside across the border in Kenya is the perfect environment to achieve this AA status.  These beans are harvested and prepared for market at the Tanzanian Coop where most of  the beans grown near Mount Kilimanjaro are washed and prepped for export by a team of dedicated local women as members of the coop. 

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