The Surfer Chick Blend

The Surfer Chick Blend

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Coffee Chicks beans arrive from the island of Haiti, the high desert mountains of Ethiopia, and the coastal forests of Central America. We attentively manage the small batch roasting of these three unique coffee beans from different parts of the world to carefully craft the Beautifully Bold flavor of the Surfer Chick Blend. A delightful darker Medium Roast Blend of Arabica Haitian Blue, Honduran and Ethiopian beans. 

Our Mission:    

Empower Women with Every SIP

We specifically source these organic coffee beans to create our Surfer Chick Blend because these growers empower women through employment, education and ownership opportunities as well as continue to improve their environmentally conscious growing and harvesting practices. Coffee Chicks deliciously smooth blends are the result of high quality, high grade unique selection organic beans roasted with an artisanal touch.

Surfer Chick Blend               

Medium Roast

Beans: Haitian Blue, Honduran, Ethiopian Premium Beans

Flavor Notes:  A medium body with low acidity. A Smooth bold finish with astonishing balance. This is a flawless cup of coffee.

Feel Confident - As you SIP or GIFT this Surfer Chick Blend you are helping to empower women around the world with your purchase.

 SIP. . .DREAM. . .DO

 Cool Bean Story:  A Haitian physics professor was inspired to bring organic sustainable coffee growing back to Haiti. He utilized the local river to power the coffee washing facility and then created a tank system to filter the water before it returns to the river, preventing acids found in coffee cherries from harming the surrounding eco system and neighboring farms.  His farm is also committed to growing 100% Organic & Shade Grown coffee. They plant varietal trees (bananas, avocado, orange and peanut) to enhance the coffee growing process by providing a shade tree environment and fruitful sustenance for the farm.  This farm is a member in a cooperative that supports the practices of an organization called WIEGO - Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing which emphasizes providing opportunities to learn, own and succeed in business.

They are the operators and beneficiaries of Own-A-Tree-Project. 

*For the price of a cup of coffee you can donate an Arabica Blue Mountain tree and empower haitian growers to add to their farms or start a farm. Pretty Cool Bean Story!

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