The Yoga Chick Blend

The Yoga Chick Blend

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Coffee Chicks beans arrive from the high desert mountains of Ethiopia, the coastal forests of Central America and the islands of Indonesia. We attentively manage the small batch roasting of these three unique coffee beans from different parts of the world to carefully craft the Aromatic Bouquet of the Yoga Chick Blend. A beautiful Medium Roast Blend of Ethiopian, Sumatran, Nicaraguan beans. 

Our Mission:    

Empower Women with Every SIP

We specifically source these organic coffee beans to create our Yoga Chick Blend because these growers empower women through employment, education and ownership opportunities as well as continue to improve their environmentally conscious growing and harvesting practices. Coffee Chicks deliciously smooth blends are the result of high quality, high grade unique selection organic beans roasted with an artisanal touch.

Yoga Chick Blend           

 Medium Roast

Beans:  Ethiopian, Sumatran, Nicaraguan

Flavor Notes:  A medium body with low acidity. A delicate balance of a subtle cocoa tone with a hint of floral citrus aroma. This is a peaceful cup of coffee.

Feel Confident - As you SIP or GIFT this Yoga Chick Blend you are helping to empower women around the world with your purchase.

 SIP. . .DREAM. . .DO

Cool Bean Story:  Whaaaat, a bean in the Yoga Chick Blend is from coffee's birthplace? Now that's a cool bean story.  Ever wonder where in the world the first coffee bean originated anyway?  And when?  Well, the OCFCU - Ormoia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union and the National Coffee Association have our answer.  

Oromia is the region where coffee first originated, it's birthplace. And it is by the Oromo people that the usage of coffee as a food started in the beginning of the 5th century. The region is known for its unique native vegetation as well as for being the center of diversity for many different species of plant. The Oromo's use coffee as food, drink, trade, spiritual nourishment and as a tool for peace-keeping.  

 The National Coffee Association confirms the coffee bean's origin can be traced back to the ancient coffee forests of the Ethiopian plateau. There, legend says a goat herder, Kaldi, first discovered the potential of the coffee beans by way of his goats eating the coffee berries and became so energetic they did not want to sleep at night. Kaldi mentions this experience to his local monastery, who made a drink with the berries to keep alert through evening prayers. Word spread through the Arabian Pennisula and here we are today with our love and reliance on coffee.

It is so fitting that one of our Yoga Chick's beans came from the birthplace of coffee and it's orignial intention was one of peace.

Our Ethiopian bean comes from the Ethiopian Coop, who is a member of the OCFCU Oromia which is a regional coffee farmers union doing an amazing job supporting and growing its female farmers memberships as well as improving payment for all its farming families through fair trade practices.




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