The Golfing Chick Blend

The Golfing Chick Blend

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Coffee Chicks the coastal forests of Central America and the islands of Indonesia.  We attentively manage this small batch roast to create the Velvety Smooth flavor of the Golfing Chick Blend. A delightful Medium  Roast Blend of Nicaraguan, Sumatran, Honduran beans. 

Our Mission:    

Empower Women with Every SIP

We specifically source these organic coffee beans to create our Golfing Chick Blend due to the fact that these growers empower women through employment, education and ownership opportunities as well as continue to improve their environmentally conscious growing and harvesting practices. Coffee Chicks deliciously smooth blends are the result of high quality, high grade unique selection organic beans roasted with an artisanal touch.

Golfing Chick Blend         

Medium Roast

Elevation: 4100' - 4700'

Region: Nicaragua, Sumatra, Honduras

Farm/Co-op: Multiple

Tasting Notes:  Body is rich, complexity is bright and acidity is low.  A velvety clean finish with excellent balance from these AA grade beans. This is one smooth cup of coffee.

Feel Confident - As you SIP or GIFT this Golfing Chick Blend you are helping to empower women around the world with your purchase. 

SIP. . .DREAM. . .DO       

Cool Bean Story:  The women growers of Honduras are truly embracing an alliance and partnership approach to the business of coffee.  They are growing fabulous green beans in the high and low lands sustainably in their native Honduras.  They have over 300 active members producing just the right product for us to complete our Golfing Chick Blend.  The Honduran coffee alliance is continuing to cultivate new talent through training and ownership opportunities.  We love supporting these growers who collaborate and offer a tremendous product.

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Customer Reviews

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